BD-007 Series

BD-007 Series, Through professional Calibration of Master in order to achieve the best audio effect. On the sense of listening to music performance in the high frequency soft, delicate, density of sound great, low frequency in in place, and it is the preferred hifi.

Other|Alum Series

Other|Alum Series, Low and medium frequency appropriate and strong sense of volume within the scope of the entire range of sound performance. High frequency sense of plenty there is no noise and distortion. High frequency of reverberation in sufficient quantities. Wide frequency response and uniform. Clear voice active, strong and bright, It's crystal clear.

ESTi-iA80 Series

ESTi-iA80 Series, detailed good grasp of music. The sound is smooth. The sound's high frequency and low frequency extended pretty good. High frequency overtone was really good. It is similar with the single-ended 300B Tube Amplifier. It can excavate emotional and artistic conception of music. So on sense of hearing, the sound listening deep and smooth. The voice is very clear and has a powerful levels. It's really wonderful.